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Monday, November 17, 2014

20 Months

   Today you turned 20 months.  It may seem I don't always keep up with your monthly birthdays because I don't get your pictures professionally taken (like I did for your sis) or I don't have balloons all over (like we did for C) …but let me tell you…you are luckier than both of them.  Want to know why..because you HAVE both of them.  They adore you more than you will every know.  They love your smile and your everyday small achievements (possibly) more than I do.  Your brother and sister love you so much.  You have changed their lives for the better.  You have made both of them so much more responsible and caring.  When I ask them if they have their folders and such in the morning, they make sure you have Ning Ning.

Right now your favorites include:
Good Night Moon, smooching me as many times as you can convince me to in between your crib bars before you go to sleep, Lila at daycare, Mickey Mouse (even though your interest only lasts through the opening song - but you're very engaged with that 30 second song), yogurt, books in the car, cleaning, eating,  and of course Ning Ning.  Good God, you love your blankie.     And helping Momma.

For the record you're not actually a help at all, but I'd rather you be by my side and it take three times as long than not have you there.  No matter what we're doing.  Whether you're climbing into the dryer or banging on the cans to make chill.  I love your "help."

You're my angel baby and I never forget that.

Happy 20 months to my perfect baby.

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