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Monday, November 17, 2014

While I was Complaining

I've been completely self involved in the last couple weeks.  Bitching and complaining to my friends.  Packing is so tiring.  So stressful.  Mark is driving me crazy.  We have so much crap it's so overwhelming.  I've broken out.  I've gotten some pretty bad head aches.


Because we are lucky enough to be putting our house on the market to buy a more suitable home for our family.

While I was bitching each and everyday….one of our fifth grade students lost her baby sister at just three weeks of age.

A mom gave birth, sent her baby to surgery and she never recovered.  Being a mom who sent her infant to surgery right after birth, this is just about more than I can handle.  I have a hard time talking about it.  But I can't stop thinking about it.

Today I saw the fifth grader.  I turned away from her without saying a word, not even a smile…because I couldn't.  I couldn't because I wasn't strong enough.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be stronger. I'm not sure what I will say, but at least a hug will do.

It sure puts things into perspective.

I will continue to pray for some sort of peace for this family.

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