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Friday, February 26, 2016

Best Birthday Find

For Christian's birthday when people asked what he wanted he said Target gift cards.  
He had his sight set on an outdoor riding toy.
On Presidents' Day we finally gather his gift cards and headed over to Target with the sole intention of making his big purchase.
We finally found the thing he wanted and then he wasn't so sure.
So he started looking around.
We never let him spend birthday money.
Never, not one dollar.
It all, always goes into his bank account, so although I was ok with him buying something I didn't want him to buy a bunch of little things that he really doesn't care about.
And then he found a full size ping pong table on clearance.
When I said, "Yes," he yelled "This is the best day of my life!"
It took a man and me to get it in the cart.
Another employee approached us and asked to take the cart to the front of the store until we were done shopping.
Then it took two men and myself to finally get it into the minivan.
Christian said, "When Daddy gets home he's going to be SO EXCITED!"
Daddy did happily get it from the car to the kitchen.
He put it together and I said, "It fits perfectly!"
Then Mark said, "This is half of it."
Oh my!  It's way bigger than I expected!

Here he is, in all his glory!
He's uses it constantly.
He's gotten really good at it and it's a ton of fun.
Exactly what a birthday gift should be!

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