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Friday, February 26, 2016

Polar Plunge

A few weeks ago our Union Rep. told us they'd like to see a group from each school to the Polar Plunge to raise money for college scholarships for WBL students.
I said I would jump without hesitation. 
I figured once one person said yes, many would follow.
I was wrong.
Luckily, Victoria wanted to take the plunge with me.
We had to raise $75 in order to do it.
By posting our links on Facebook we were over our minimum in just over an hour.

As the days drew nearer and nearer people were asking weird questions such as:
"Are you scared?"
and they'd follow it up with:
"I never do that!"

I wasn't scared and I have no idea why a grown adult would say they'd never do it.
What is the big deal?
Plus, it's fun to be involved in something.

Finally, Feb 20th arrived.
Victoria had basketball in the morning and then we headed home to pack up.
The most difficult thing was to find shoes I didn't mind wearing in a lake.

We were dressed (Scholarly was the theme) and packed and we headed to Forest Lake.
We arrived about an hour before our plunge time to Vanelli's and met Jeff and Laura.
Jeff was plunging with his kids. 

Christian was too young to plunge, but he's counting down the years and he was a huge supporter!

Victoria thought her Summer Academy shirt was the most scholarly thing she owned.
Jenna was seriously decked out!

Pre-Plunge Warm Up
(Note to self - Pre-Plunge Warm Up is key!  Arrive much earlier next year!)

You drop of your bags in a heated tent then carefully walk across the soaked carpet on the ice.

There are professional photographers and videographers, a couple hundred people watching and EMT divers waiting for you.
It's quite the crowd!

Caleigh, our amazing babysitter happened to be in town so she came out!
Victoria's BFF Julia, her mom and sister also came just to watch!

Post Plunge Fun!

Side note: While in the warming tent changing clothes a former parent approached me and starter talking about her child - while completely naked, waste down!  It was so shocking and disturbing.  If I could go back in time I would have handled the entire situation so much differently.  Besides the changing situation the entire plunge was nothing but fun.  
It was very safe and Victoria loved it.

Here are the professional pics:

We will add Polar Plunge to our family traditions!

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