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Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Family Trip to the Zoo

We don't usually go through the conservatory, but I'm so glad we did this day!
Do you see that 155 year old bonsai tree behind Victoria?
Seconds after this photo she turned to look at it and plucked a petal off of it! 
The Humphreys were out of the Bonsai Room in record time!

Here's Christian's favortie thing to do at the zoo!  Ride the train!

That's the look of pure joy!

I love this picture from Christian's point of view.
I love his little hospital tag that was still on his wrist days after his release.
Victoria's favorite thing to do is watch Sparky!

Waiting in line for the tea cups while watching the roller coaster with their arms around each other.
What a couple a cuties!

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