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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surprise! It's a Romantic Ride!

Last Friday our kids spent the night at Dad and Deb's house.  They requested them from nap until noon the following day.  Originally, I was supposed to attend the Boys to Men concert with Molly and a group of girls.  Being such a stressful time of year I decided I couldn't spend the whole day and night at the Fair. 

So instead I ran errands and took care of things around the house.  Mark and I went to look for new phones, which is never fun with or without kids in tow.  Mark informed me I should dress up because we had 7:00 reservations at Lake Elmo Inn.  It's our favorite restaurant.  We've shared many special evenings there.  The two most important being the night we got engaged and our first anniversary. 

We headed out at 6:15pm, being so excited.  We had a drink at the bar and were sat down at 6:50.  Mark wanted to order an appetizer.  A little odd since they give you so much food already and it's pretty expensive to begin with.  I'm not a girl to turn down an yummy app. so we enjoyed A Scooter Pie (beef tenderloin on top of portobella mushrooms).  We enjoyed a couple beers and then delicious entrees and even better conversations.  It was so much fun.  As we (I- my husband knows these are my faves and let's me eat his:) were about to enjoy our chocolate covered strawberries I noticed him checking his watch, which he almost never wears. 

He gave me a line about wanting to go to Minnehaha Falls after and the lights shut off at such and such a time.  I love Minnehaha Falls even more than Lake Elmo Inn!  That's where we got engaged!  We had wedding pictures taken there.  That's where we spend every Mother's Day.  Very special place.

As we were walking out, arm in arm carrying my prime rib and garlic mashed potato left overs, I was telling a story.   A limo rounded the corner and Mark said, "That's our ride."  I said, "Yeah right." And kept on talking. . .Then the limo pulled over and the driver got out literally as we were walking by and said, "Mr. Humphrey?"  I would love to see a picture of my face at the second.  A million things were running through my head? 

What?  Who?  What?  Who's in there?  Where are we going?  Do I have the most romantic husband EVER?!

Mark headed over to my car with a hidden cooler (ok I'll admit I did see the cooler when we were leaving but had no idea about the limo) with beer and amazing champagne.  I poked my head in the limo expecting. .
Guy & Chris?
Laura & Jeff?
Scott & Michelle?

That baby was empty.  I called Deb, my voice shaking.  I was on super speed with my voice shaking and it went something like this:
Holy crap!  A limo just picked us up outside Lake Elmo Inn!  I can't believe it! I think we're going to Minnehaha Falls! 

Then Mark came with the drink and a single red rose.  Can this get any better???

I was so suprised and happy I couldn't stop kissing him for being so sweet. . .then I texted my girls letting them know what happened!

We enjoyed the best champagne of my life

and even better Mark toasted to a wonderful summer - our best ever - complimenting what a great summer I gave our kids.  Then he vowed to do something special every Friday before I go back to work at the end of the summer. YAY!

After a very romantic ride through Minneapolis, we did go to Minnehaha Falls.  We've been there at all seasons for many different occasions but never at night!

It's difficult to take a picture of a waterfall many yards away in the pitch black, but there it is.

We had a drink from Sea Salt then walked around a bit. 

We headed back to the limo and went to Admiral D's in White Bear Lake.  By this time romance was in full effect and we cuddled at a little outdoor table for two and enjoyed some outdoor music.  He played one of my favorite songs Brown Eyed Girl.  We had a great time.

We ended up extending our rendevouz by an hour.  Time flies when you're having the time of your life!

It was a beautiful night!  Life can get stressful raising two small children and all the other things life throws at us.  This was the perfect, just the two of us getaway.  I told Mark, "This is the most fun I've ever had with you in this country!" 

I am very lucky to have a thoughtful husband. 

Mark, I love how you planned it all on your own.  I love that you went out of your way to keep it a surprise.  I love how unbelievable romantic it was.  I just wish tomorrow was last Friday it was so fun!  Thank you for making me feel appreciated and special.  I love you very much and oh so appreciated your effort!

Now, it's time to think about Mexico. . . just two months away!

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