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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phasing Out the Nap

Victoria will begin afternoon preschool four days a week next week.  Therefore, bye bye naps.

So we've been doing naps every other day.

We had a no nap day last week.  While Bobo (Victoria's nickname for Christian) was napping Victoria and I decided to have a 'real' tea party.  We got out the gorgeous tea set Therese gave V for her bday.  Since we had to use the self timer the quality of the pics aren't great, but I still love these shots.

Victoria said, "This tea is bland.  Is it really water and we're pretending?"
We also enjoyed REAL Fruit Loops on our saucers.  She didn't like the idea of cups on the saucers.
We did have some guests.

Going to miss this time of day when I go back to work!

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