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Friday, May 27, 2011

Her Last PreSchool Field Trip

I was lucky enough to be able to chaperone Victoria's last preschool field trip ever. 

When I thought I was so fortunate that the only day I could get into the doctor and dentist happened to be her field trip day. . .then realized it was going to be rainy and cold.

There they are all bundled up waiting to pet the horse.
I don't have any pictures of the hay ride we started out on because it was raining and really bumpy and not really that fun.

This shot itself was worth the racing around town & freezing
my tushy off.  Oh, how she loves animals!

I was chosen as the chaperone to pass out kittens and puppies.
I was proud, but then have no pictures.

There were baby chicks, geese and turkeys passed around between 14, 5 year olds.
I was a nervous wreck, but nobody else seemed to be worried.

'Keep your toes on the hose' were the key words of the day.

The hay jump was one of the chart toppers of the afternoon.
That's Jenna.

Victoria analyzing the situation with all the roosters running around.

Riding a goat??

Toes on the hose again.

Carrying corn to the horse and trying to spill as little as possible.

Victoria's turn!

Keep your hands behind your back is the rule here. . .
until you go inside the pen to pet them. . .
who makes these weird rules??

I love this one.
Her teacher 'helper' helping her gently caress the fragile baby chick and pass it to a friend.
I love SST Preschool!!  They are wonderful!

BFF's passing baby chicks.
Really?!  They did fine but I don't think I'd trust half my second graders to do that!
Maybe that's the point?

This poor horse lost an eye to cancer.
That's the only one Victoria wanted her picture with.
As soon as we got into the car she talked about how sad she felt for the horse and asked about 50 questions as I navigated down the dirt road.

All in all, I'm very glad I got to share the experience with her.

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