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Friday, May 27, 2011

Victoria's Fifth Birthday Party

It may be years that go by when we're still talking about the weather the day of Victoria's 5th birthday party more than we talk about what an awesome party it was.

One week before the party I started checking the weather online.  It wasn't good from the start and only got worse as the week went on.  It actually said, Thunder and Rain All Day.  Hell, that's not good for an outdoor party of littles and animals.  What's a worse combo??  Finally, I decided It is what it is.  Deal with it.  Mark got a big tent from my bro. As if that was going to stop the blowing winds and pouring rain anyway.  I sent out a mass email that said, It will be held outside regardless and please dress for the rain.  Ha, and also don't forget the pink people!  So the day came and holy smokes did it rain.   Oh, it rained so hard Mark refused to put up the tent.  Our gorgeous secret cake was delivered in the rain.  That lifted my spirts, but only slightly.  I decided I wouldn't be able to wear my pink dress in the rain and ran to the store to buy a pink shirt for me and Christian at 1:00.  It was raining cats and dogs.  (I think that's my favorite idiom:-) 

I returned home about 2:00 with a sad face and two pink shirts.  Crap.  After two months of planning and a small fortune this party was going to suck. . .if it even happened.  The animals can't make an appearance in lightning.  Then I get a msg from the owner of the animals she hurt her knee earlier that morning at a different event with the animals.  But she was sending over two girls to do her job and assured me everything would be fine.  Hmmm, really?!?  is what I was thinking!!

Then a small miracle happened.  Not only did it stop raining but the clouds parted and suddenly there was only blue glorious sky.  I remember standing outside barefoot while the kids were napping looking up to the sky thinking, "Holy crap!!  Is this really going to happen??"  It was now 3 pm.  60 minutes till pary time.  It continued to be beautiful.  Things stated drying out and people started texting me like crazy that the sun finally appeared and how wonderful it was.  I love when people are happy for other people even when they can't actually attend the party.

Mark and I started setting up the backyard - minus the tent - and it looked great.  We were barely finished when the first guests started to arrive.  As I look back and recall this as My Most Favorite Party I've Ever Thrown maybe that's why.  It could have been completely destroyed but instead it was fabulous and I finally learned to ask for help and enjoy it!
The Details
The theme was Pinkalicious.
The hardcover Pinkalicious was the guest book and the cake was the talk of the party.
Ohh, I loved it!
But I think Victoria loved it even more!
Her pretty little dress even matched the cake.
Ahhh, those details!!

The gifts.

And more gifts.
She likes to hug them all!
This is the first year she didn't need any help at all.

I love this family picture!

Friends & Family

More friends and family.

When Victoria was two she had an Elmo party with a pinata.
It snowed on April 28th that year and the party suddenly had to be put inside.
I vowed to never have another April party which is why she now waits a month to have her party.
I figure since she has a pony at her party now, that means no pinata.
Three years later I finally caved.
We hung that sucker in the kitchen for two weeks for the kids to drool over and appreciate and tell stories of who going to hit it the hardest and how V will get the first and (hopefully) the last shot.

She did! - with a bit of rigging by daddy. ;-)

Five pounds of candy later. . .
everyone was happy.

Then it was straight to the animals.
Christian actually refused to hit the pinata because he was 'way too busy' grooming the animals.
Well, ok then buddy!

A lot of people don't understand why was have bday parties like this.
There are many reasons.
But the #1 reason is the look on her face in these pictures!
Also, because it's freakin' awesome!

Love it!
One of my faves!

Look who's grown into riding the horse!
He hopped right on.

Our little friends loved it too.

Ooooh, that beautiful cake!
I swear Victoria loved it even more than I did!

All her friends.
It was a gorgeous day in more ways than one.

We made a lot of very very wonderful memories that beautiful afternoon on May 21, 2011.

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