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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Victoria's Special Day With Olivia

When Livi's friends' kids turn five she takes them on a special birthday outing.
Victoria was sooo excited for her special day.
It was extra exciting because Liv kept the whole day a secret so we didn't know where or what they were going to do either.
(While they had their special day I took Christian to Old Gem Theater to see Wizard of Oz.)

The first thing they did was make jewlery.
Victoria chose the beads and beaded a necklace and bracelet by herself the proceeded to name off the beads.

So proud!

Next Liv asked V where she wanted to go.
She choose Teddy Bear Park.
It was just opened for the season so it's not surprising she couldn't wait to go there.
They also stopped at the candy store where Victoria got her little brother
a bag of candy too.

Dreaming about fudge.

Then they lunched at Leo's.
Another of her favorite spots.

I love my kids having fun with other people beside us.
It warms my heart to know she loves Liv this much to have so much fun.

What a special day for our girl who's growing up so fast.
A super special thank you to Liv for making such wonderful memories with her.
Everyone needs an 'Auntie' Livi!!  If only we could all be so lucky.

1 comment:

  1. I promise, Auntie Livi had as much fun as Victoria. Well, except for maybe at TB Park. 2.5 HOURS is a bit much for anyone!

    But I sure love that girl. I can't wait until next year!