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Thursday, May 26, 2011

My 6th Mother's Day

I will never forget my very first Mother's Day.  Victoria was just over a month old.  A little bundle in my arms while I was sporting a Hot Momma tank top.  I had little sunglasses planted on her adorable little sleeping face.  I remember thinking how special I felt and how no Mother's Day could ever top that one.

As Mother's know:  It actually gets better and better as their children get older.

Last Sunday was the best Mother's Day of my life.  (It will be hard to top next year!)

 It all started with the kids waking so excited!  So excited to make me feel special.  Therefore, I felt special before my eyes even opened.  I pretended to be asleep as they 'decorated' our bedroom.  This included taping paper to the back of the door and tearing apart tissue paper and wrapping it around anyting and everything.

Then came the cards.  To me, cards are way better and more important than a gift any day.

Victoria's was perfect.  The front covered in pink glitter swirls.  The inside had several nice lines and the end said We'll always be closer than close.  Mark had her cued to repeat the line when I closed the card in her super sweet high pitched voice.  Oooh, I was in heaven.

Christian's card was just as fitting.  It has a picture of Donald Duck then on the inside the duck's arms fling open.  He had some writing in there.  He read it to me, "Dear Mom."  Yep, that's it.  Again lol!

After a delicious breakfast of omelets we headed to our usual Mother's Day spot.  Minnehaha Falls.  It was chillier than usual this time of year but still loved every minute.

The exact spot Mark proposed to me.

The very small trail we took which was way too close to the river.

We were looking for tadpoles.  Some of us wanted to see one worse than the others.

Christian was nervous sitting on top of a bridge even though Mark had him tight.

A very muddy break in the path to the dock.

This was the first time Christian ever walked all the steps by himself.
Just two Mother's Days ago Mark carried the double stroller down and up all these steps.

Victoria took them in twos the whole way up.

We always end with the park.
By this time they are pretty much exhausted.
Our plan was to have lunch at the park but the restaurnat was really really busy.
So we drove around looking for somewhere different and special.
We ended at The Cupcake when Mark and Christian had never been.

We sat at separate tables so we could all have good seats to watch the bakers make and decorate the cupcakes.

Enjoying a Babycake.

For dinner we went to my all time favorite restaurant.
The Flame.
That's where I realized I am so old the hostess was in my second grade class.

It was the most perfect family day. . .
until I was rocking and talking to Victoria. . .
I was scratching her sweet little head. . .
when I found a tick.. .
in her scalp!
30 minutes, two tweezers, a lot of screaming and sweating later
and Mark and I were satisfied we got it all.

The joys of Motherhood:-)

I love being a mommy!

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  1. WHERE's the family picture? Don't you always do one?

    But, that was a wonderful post and it sounds like a beautiful day. Even with the tick.