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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Molly's Mother's Day

My very good friend, Molly is both our kids' Godmother.  Last year as her Mother's Day gift Victoria and I took 'Aunt' Molly to Cupcake.  We had a wonderful time and decided it would become a tradition.  We went the weekend following the actual Mother's Day this year.  Again, it was a blast.

Victoria had a PB&J with animal crackers and couldn't wait to make her final decision on her cupcake. She finally chose Chocolate Chocolate and Molly chose Pina Colada.  They were both pleased with their choices.

Could she be any happier?

Then we walked down the block to the water tower and looked for insects.
'Aunt' Molly went to college for biology so she really loves to help Vicotria in her explorations and gives her tons of fun facts to remember.
As a matter of fact, Victoria brought up seeing bird poop last year at this spot and questioned the facts Molly told her about how dirty and unhealthy it is to touch.
Molly didn't remember telling her about bird poop - I did. 
Victoria never forgets a thing - espcecially when it really interests her - like all of 'Aunt' Molly's fun facts always do!

We are all so lucky to have 'Aunt' Molly in our lives.

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