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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Victoria's First Pedicure

I've wanted to take Victoria to get her first pedicure for years.  Finally we went last month.  I didn't anticipate that she wouldn't be able to reach the water, though!

Doesn't she look so comfortable and relaxed?
She would stand in the water and then hop back up in the chair to get her back massaged.  The little asian lady kept calling her my baby and would refer to her as baby right to her face.
That was a bit much for the 5 yr old but she handled it with grace until she asked about it on the way out the door about 3 ft from the lady.  Oh well!
Since she didn't actually have anything to rub off her perfect little feet she painted her teeny tiny fingernails. 
We chose the same shade of bright pink.
When we left she wanted to show Mama Jeanne so we drove right over there to show off our shiny nails.
We had a nice experience together but next time's sure to be better. . .
because we're going to a different place with the water separate so we can put it on a pedestal or something.

I love having a daughter!!

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  1. That picture is hilarious! I think it is strange this never occurred to you. YOU can barely reach!