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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Victoria's Preschool Graduation

Last week Victoria graduated preschool.  She spent two years at South Shore Trinity Preschool and now it's all over.  I had Mama & Papa there early to get us the best seats in the house. 

The brought her flowers which she loved!

Victoria and her BFF Jenna.
They been put together by her Mommy and me since birth.
They are five weeks apart and Jenna visited Victoria the day she was born in the hospital.
But this year they formed a real relationship and became real friends who really care about each other.

The proud mommies and our daughters.

They had bags made with their graduation pictures
on it.
Victoria said, "It's too special to use though, Mommy."

Oooh, I love that picture of them.

I love this one too:-)

Christian was really hyped up after sitting through the 40 minute graduation and being there early.
He saw the ice cream when we got to the reception and went bonkers.
I whispered, "When you give me one good picture you can have ice cream."
Bada bing bada boom - one take is all it took.

In classic Papa style he snuck Christian a second bowl.
It makes them both so happy to sneak treats on me.
I secretly love that they have that between them.

Mama Jeanne came to watch her granddaughter graduate too!
She was beaming!
Both of them!

Victoria and her teacher Ms. Joy.
I will forever be grateful to Ms. Joy for teaching Victoria the love for learning.
How to respond with a simple, "No thank you." when someone is mistreating her.
She taught her how much fun a sensory table can be.

Ms. Joy taught me Victoria, is in fact, NOT perfect.
It was a hard pill to swallow the day I learned she would crawl on the floor barking like a puppy and not come out from under the table when it was time to line up.
(She has outgrown this now. THANK GOODNESS.  That was way back when she was three.)

Ms. Joy taught me I better just get used to different teaching styles.
All her teachers will not teach like me and not react to situations just as I may.
And that's ok.

Most importantly Ms. Joy taught me how it feels from the parents' perspective of just how darn grateful you are to the teacher for doing a good job, making my child feel special and teaching her all she needs and them some.  How important it is to make the parents feel special too.
I'll never forget the day Joy texted my a picture of Victoria playing florist at school.
I was impressed that she'd take a picture, let alone text it to me.
I loved it and I felt special and important that day and loved to get a glimpse Victoria's school life.

Surprisingly I barely shed a tear at the graduation.
I am so amazed at the little girl she's grown to be I look forward to what this summer will bring -
and especially the new adventures kindergarten will bring to our lives.

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  1. A) I love your shirt. That should get added to the "Chicago" pile.
    B) Did V just get out of prison?
    C) I loved the tribute to Ms. Joy. Now I'd just like to see a list of what VICTORIA learned!