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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear June

Dear June,

I'm so glad you've finally arrived.  I've been waiting for you for a long long time.  Did you know you are my most favorite month?  I love the promise that you bring.  I love that school is still in session and I still look forward to making this last week very very special for my students.  But at home, I'm counting down the days too.  The promise of summer and the memories that will be made.  The hopes that this is the summer Christian will NOT have a surgery. 

The sunshine.  Finally.  The warm weather.  The trips to the park.  Our very first bike ride on a real bike path - where we discovered they can pedal so fast we had to run - and Christian doesn't know how to stop until Mark dives at him while he's flying down hill.

The trips we're going to take.  Chicago.  Jellystone.  Colorado.

The campfires in our backyard.  The zoo. Museums.  The end of daycare and the beginning of many many Mommy Days.  The lifestyle change I'll go through in next week and then again ten weeks later. 

June, so glad you're here and I vow to enjoy you to the fullest.

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  1. You've been writing a lot of "letters" lately. Kelle Hampton do that or something?