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Friday, February 17, 2012

A Frost Like This

A couple Saturdays ago Auntie Sandy took Christian for a special day out for his birthday.  They went to iHop and MOA for some rides.

While they were gone I ran some errands with Victoria.  From our sliding glass door we could see the trees were covered in frost.  It was beautiful.

When we stepped out of the house it was breathtaking.  Everything was covered in frost.
It was stunning.  The lady at the end of our street was standing outside in her nightgown taking pictures, you know it's gotta be good then!

We hit a couple stores and then stopped at the mall.  As we were holding hands walking through the mall parking lot we walked by a bare branched bush.  We stopped to take a closer look.  I told her not to touch it since I (thought) could see the thorns were covered with frost.

Then I touched it.

They weren't thorns at all, that's how the frost formed.
That's why everything looked so stunning, the whole city was covered in thick frost like this.

Hopefully Liv will send me a link explaining it all. ;-)

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