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Monday, February 13, 2012

My Favorite Holiday...Tomorrow

Anyone who knows me, knows tomorrow is my favorite holiday. Valentine's Day.  One of my favorite days of the year.  I love to make people feel special and Valentine's Day is the perfect day just for that.  A week ago we mailed out Valentine cards for family and close friends.  They were adorable.  I wish I would have taken a picture before I mailed them all.  They were accordion style with a cute people and a pink left handprint of Victoria's and a blue right hand of Christian's.  I loved that they were different from anything we've sent out for Valentine's Day before and I love that their little handprints are saved in time.

I made personalized Valentine's for the kids to take to school and daycare.

I made something very personal and special for Kris our fabulous Daycare Mom.

The scene is set for everyone to wake up to a special morning.  Red (fake) rose petals are spread over V and C's rooms and down the hall leading to the kitchen.  Plastic pink and red champagne flutes are ready for our milk with a little heart cookie, a little Valentine that says, "You Make Me Glow!" with a glow stick attached (same Valentine I'm giving to each of my students) and the first clue of five that leads them to find their little Valentine gifts.  Each of them will have to read the clue (that basically just tells them where to go) to find their little gifts.    I know they will love this more than the gifts themselves.

I have something cute for Mark. (He may read this before then;-)  Thank you pinterest!

I have something cute for my co-workers AB and LB.  Of course, February is the month my friends and I host the monthly luncheon at school.  Sloppy Joes and ready and waiting.

I have many activities to not only make my students feel special but also to give them the chance to make each feel special too.  One of the best things about being a teacher is being able to teach children how to be kind to each other and make other people feel good about themselves.  Tomorrow is a special day to do that.

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow on Valentine's Day!

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  1. You are one special Lady Kelly. It is 3:00 AM and you already made my day a happy one! I know I have no need to tell you to have a great day as I know that you will. Love to you!!!