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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

I used to babysit Jonathan a lot when he was little. 
I was in college and he loved when I took him to Chuck E. Cheese.
It was just him and me.
I would follow him around and hand him token after token cheering him on as he played Skee Ball or basketball.  He would almost always opt to save his tickets for next time, envisioning a bigger and better prize.

He saved so long he actually didn't like going to Chuck E. Cheese any long.
I kept the slips in my wallet for years.
Several years ago I asked him if he minded if Victoria used them.
Of course, he didn't.

Last time we were at Chuck E. Cheese we needed just a few more tickets to get the kids everything they wanted.
I searched in all the little compartments of my wallet and found this.

It's dated December 30, 2002.

It stayed safely - although a bit yellowed - in my wallet for over a decade.

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