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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Father's Day 2012

If there's one thing Mark is good at, it's being a Daddy.
He does a great job at making the kids feel special.
He does a great job of letting them do special things that I don't.

I planned Mark's gift months in advance.
We got him a TWINS jersey that (eventually) will be signed by Joe Mauer.
We gave it to him a week in advance when he went to the game with his dad and brothers.

The kids were so excited to celebrate the fabulous Daddy.

Upon Mark's request, we headed out to Taylor's Falls.
We had a nice greasy lunch but then it began to drizzle.
Since I'm nervous about taking the kids to Taylor's Falls anyway,
I insisted it couldn't be raining. 

 The radar said it was going to blow over so we did a little mini golfing.
The kids were in heaven.

They are the perfect ago for mini golf.
They were quite serious and they were quite competitive 
since I was 'keeping score.'

This is the first of the two holes in one Victoria got.
Look how proud she is!
That almost makes up for the hole she got a 15 on.

It started raining so hard we had to get umbrellas from the car.
The mosquitoes were so think I could actually feel my ankles swelling.
But, we were having a fabulous time. :-)

Second hole in one.

Between the rain, the mosquitoes and the wait behind the slowest adult mini golf players of all time
we ditched the 18th hole.

We decided to head home only to have it finally clear up.
We stopped by the very unusual outdoor art museum.

When we got home Mark made an elaborate steak and humungous shrimp dinner.
It wasn't my idea of an ideal day, but he says he loved it.
Since we love him, it was perfectly, perfect.

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