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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Auntie Sandy

One of my biggest blessings in my childhood was being blessed with my Godmother, Auntie Sandy.
When I was young she would let me watch scary movies when I spent the night.  She got me my first library card and taught me the joy of reading.  She taught me how to latch hook, when I plan on teaching Victoria this summer.
As I got older I could confide in her, knowing she's an adult I could trust with my secrets.

When I was in college I would park my car in Hudson
and spend the weekend on the island with her.

We would chat all day and dance all night.

The day following Mark and my engagement
we headed down to the island because I couldn't wait to tell her.
We still have the picture she took of us that day in our kitchen.

When I was pregnant with Victoria she bought me a gorgeous book about prenatal development and maternity clothes for my birthday.
She has loved my children as if they are her own.
They love to spend the night at Auntie Sandy's where she's teaching them the love of gardening.

Last month we celebrated Auntie Sandy's 60th birthday.

Happy birthday to my wonderful 
Godmother, Aunt and Friend.
I love you to pieces!

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  1. I think that I am the lucky one! Thank you Babe!