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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea for Six

Victoria turned six on April 14th.
On April 21st, we hosted her birthday party
Tea for Six.

Six little girls all (about) six years old.

I told Mark my vision and he created this sign.
Very impressive.

We used her very nice tea set she received from Mama Jeanne last Christmas.

We borrowed doilies that Mark's grandma made.

For the party favors I put candy in little tea cups.

It was a girls only party so Christian and Mark hung out for a few hours.
But not before Aunt Molly arrived.

Jenna gave Victoria her gift early so we could use it for the party.
Doesn't every little girl need her own juice fountain?

I found the perfect tea party dress a couple months before the party.
Finding the gloves was a bit trickier.

Mark's cousin Courtni came to do each of the girls hair, including mine.
They all felt special getting all dolled up while wearing their best dresses.

Lunch was finger sandwiches and fruit.
The meal was completely silent.
Each little girl was using their very best manners and took the tea party
very seriously.

The moms all dressed the part too.

Odelis was in charge of make up.

My Little Angel

She looks absolutely flawless to me.

She received many thoughtful and generous gifts.

She enjoyed several types of real tea.

Rosie and Mommy looking adorable.

Tea for Six Guests

Odelis gave Victoria a Mystery Machine that has real 
Mystery Goo.
She played with it before the last guest had pulled out of the driveway.

Aunt Molly gave her real turquoise earrings and bracelet that came in a Dream Box.
Victoria has loved putting her wish in her Dream Box once a week.
So far all her dreams have some true....with a little bit of help.

For dessert we had decorate your own cupcakes with edible pearls.

And finally a tea pot piñata.
No matter how sophisticated a party, 
it must end with a piñata.

Christian came back just in time!

So hard to believe my little girl is already
six years old.

Our Family

After the guests left Molly did the dishes while I put 
things away.

We flipped the sign and relaxed and rehashed the successful party.

All the details came together to make it a memorable day for Victoria.

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