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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Belated Birthday

My husband's birthday was yesterday.  Poor man didn't get a bday blog.  He didn't even get official bday cards (in my defense - he did get a bday banner hand made by his favorite daughter and a very thoughtful and expensive gift from his wife;-)  We had dinner at his mom's house but everyone was too hungry to even wait for him to arrive.

September is overwhelming for me every single year and this year it's the worst.

So, I'm sorry Bunny.

I love you very much and am blessed to be your wife.  You are so supportive of everything I do and think.  Our kids are lucky to have such a fun and loving daddy.  We'll make up for it this weekend.  That is....unless I have a headache...or am exhausted.  ..either way we'll have a fabulous family weekend together.  Love you bunches and bunches.


  1. I had a wonderful birthday. I love the gift and I love my family. It was a good blog snookily-wookily, I didn't know we were allowed to give out our pet names to the whole world, but for the record, I am a rabbit.

    1. Oops, I didn't even think of that! There's worse I could have called you;-)

  2. Wow, who is this anonymous person all up in your business?

    But, for the record, when reading that, I thought "I sure hope Bunny is a joke..." guess not.