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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Celebrating with the TWINS

For Mark's birthday I got the family very good seats to today's TWINS game.
It was a gorgeous day.
The kids loved it.
(Even though I had to take V to Urgent Care this morning - she was a trooper)
Christian enjoyed all the treats.  Victoria had a couple bites of ice cream.

Daddy, by far, had the most fun!

We got close to tying the game in the 9th inning so we 
stopped in the outfield to watch the last couple batters.

Christian was very interested in the game.
After a week of talking up the game and especially Joe Mauer - 
the man didn't play today!
Christian came up with lots of excuses, maybe he's stuck in traffic and on his way here?!

Victoria chose ice cream in a helmet just so she could use the helmet on her stuffies.

It was a relief when the shade finally hit us.

It was a fun family day we'll remember for a long time.
Next time though, we won't bring a sick kid.
Or...Maybe won't bring kids at all;-)

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