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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How We Told

When we decided to try to have another baby I made list after list night after night after the kids were asleep writing out how we were going to share the news with different people.  Since I had gotten so excited the two previous pregnancies I wanted to really make this news special.  I found out I was pregnant the morning of my graduation at Saint Mary's.  I walked from the bathroom and told Mark while he was actually sleeping.  I called Molly on the way to the graduation and announced it to everyone all at once at my grad. party.

This time I wanted to be different.  Individualized and special.

This will be the last time I will be making such an announce, so it should be special.  When we started trying I figured it would happen right away as it did the other two times.  I had it all planned around Valentine's Day.  Nope.  Then I planned on telling my friends right before or after spring break in March.  Nope.  April, May, June I had a plan for each.

Then July came and FINALLY I had news to share.

I didn't have a current list and early August doesn't have a holiday or theme.  Again, even though it's the THIRD time I'm still sooooooo excited I had a very hard time waiting.

Here are the short stories of how I/we told our family and friends.  In order of actually being told.

I texted Odelis just minutes after the test came back positive.  All of the texts were one right after another.

Me: We had to much fun watching Sebastian yesterday!  Watching 3 was easier than I expected.
Odelis: Good! Thank you so much!
Me: (Picture of positive test) with the words "Good thing!!!!!!!!!!"
O: Omg!!!! Are you for real?!!!!  Congratulations!  I'm so excited!  Since when?
Me: Since about an hour ago.  Mark doesn't even know!  I'll tell him tonight!

Then I texted Shauna at 9:26:
Me: We got Moms Gone Wild in there in a NICK of time! Just found out this morning!!!!!  (With a picture of the pregnancy test)  **We had gotten together for a fun night out the previous week.
A few hours later she left me a voicemail (while I was having lunch with Liv):
Hey!  It's me, I just got your message.  I just about fell over!  Oh my gosh, congratulations!  That is very exciting and surprising and I want to hear details.  I'm assuming you're really early.  Congratulations!  Give me a call whenever you can.  I'm so happy for you!  Bye.

Mark still hadn't left for work about an hour after I took the test.  He was sitting at the kitchen table eating a breakfast sandwich and my hands were still shaking and I was feeling faint so I decided to eat too.  I found it amazing here we were sitting in the silent kitchen eating breakfast together.  The kids were playing quietly together in V's room.  Christian's crib had been taken down and put on craigslist a couple days before and was still sitting in the living room.

Me:  Maybe we should find somewhere to store that crib, just in case.
Mark (with his mouth full): In case of what?
Me: In case we have a baby this spring (my eyes brimming with tears).
Mark: REALLY?!  Are you serious?!  Are you sure?!  When did you take a test?! (I sat there smiling/nodding and trying to hold back tears.
Me: Really, I just took it this morning.
We hugged and stared at each other in disbelief.
Mark: Do you have another test, I want to see it!
Me: I have one more.  Let's go!
We shut ourselves in the bathroom and watched those two lines pop up instantly.  We haven't stopped talking about it since!

Then I texted Laura J. (she actually knew we were trying)
Me: Picture of the pregnancy test with the text Big News!  I just told Mark so it's still a secret but I'm shaking with excitement!
Laura J.: Omg omg omg!!!  I'm so happy for you!!!  Eeeeeeekkkk!  So exciting thanks for sharing.  Yay to more cute babies! Xox

I called Liv at work shortly after Mark left for work.  I was still eating that original breakfast sandwich. I asked if she could get away and go to lunch.  She said she shouldn't, but sure!  I told her we'd be there at 11:45.  The kids and I headed over to Half Price Books and each kid got a new book and I bought a Baby Name book.  This was one way that made the list months ago!  I was so excited to tell Liv the news I thought I was going to pass out.  Literally, very light headed.
She got in the car and we decided on the location.  Chammps, we would eat outside.  After dragging the kids past the lobster tank we made our way to the patio.  After we ordered and made some small talk I gave my camera to the kids and told them to take pictures of the water fountain.  I had to get them away from the table so they wouldn't hear the news.
Me: I know you're really busy but I need your help on a really big project.
Liv: Sure, what?  (No hesitation at all even though she juggling three jobs - good friend!)
I pulled the huge book from my purse and set it in front of her.
Liv: What?!  Are you pregnant?!
I could only nod and smile I was teary eyed and choked up.
She said something to the effect that she was convinced we were done and she never thought she'd see me pregnant.  I swear she had a tear in her eye.  We chatted about it secretly on and off when the kids weren't paying attention.  The waitress noticed the book and said, "Oh!  Is some one having a baby?" all excitedly.  I got nervous and started digging in my purse and Liv said, "No, it was just a joke."  Good save Liv.  Awkward, yes.  But quick.  I've loved sharing all the little details with her thus far.

We waited for Auntie Sandy on her stoop for her to get home from work to tell her.  She was more than surprised too.

We told my parents after Christian's t-ball game.  I wouldn't let the kids be alone with them until we told them, I didn't want them to ruin the surprise.

But the Number One person I personally couldn't wait to tell was my Mother in Law who loves our children so dearly and I knew she would be utterly shocked.  She mentioned getting together for a B-B-Q and I suggested inviting Mark's brother Guy and my cousin and the kids.  Unfortunately, Johnny and Tegan were out of town.  Guy's friend happened to be there too.  All four of us were busting at the seams to tell everyone as soon as we got there. It was August 4th and we had just brought a lobster over there in a box earlier in the week and had them guess what it was.  So I put the pregnancy test and a ultrasound photo in a box, poked holes in the top and taped it shut.  Then we passed it around and had everyone guess.  Ultimately, we had Mama Jeanne open it up.

In the box:

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  1. Oh, wow. I love that post! LOVE it. Now I want you to go back and write that same post for the first two pregnancies. Get right on that.