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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Big Baby

I had my ultrasound this afternoon.  It's never a good thing while lying on the table and the tech says, "Let me call your doctor to make sure you can leave."  Without too many details the end result was, the baby's abdomen is greater than the 98%tile.  Clearly, off the charts.  The head was 97%tile.  Everything else 80-90%tile.  The tech informs me that the abdomen being so large is a sign of gestational diabetes.  Again, I tested negative.  She tells me it may have formed after the test.

The doc was at lunch so she let me leave and then faxed the report over assuring me they'd contact me if they wanted to see me earlier than Monday - which is what she suspected.

After waiting in the waiting room for over an hr last time I was not about to leave it in their hands.
I called when I got home explained the situation and they got me in - back to my regular doctor - tomorrow morning at 8am.  There we'll 'discuss my options.'  I'm anticipating the shot to develop the lungs and the talk of induction.  I've read about gestational diabetes and premature babies at 35 & 36 weeks.  Going into the appointment tomorrow I feel like we'll stick it out to 37 weeks and I'll continue walking each night trying to go into spontaneous labor.

Good thing my long term sub is coming in tomorrow.  This baby's arrival may be sooner rather than later.

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