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Monday, February 18, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner For John & Tegan

Johnny and Tegan's rehearsal for their wedding was the Thursday prior to the wedding.  We had to race home from school to get ready.

The raced to get on the road in time.
Traffic was horrible.
So this happened:

All dressed up in his brand new suit and he's out like a light. 
He was at the tail end of his tonsillectomy recovery and it was nearly bedtime.

Finally made it to the church.
Victoria looked adorable all dressed up!

Already, Christian isn't too sure of the whole thing....

Listening to the Priests directions.

Tegan and her Daddy.

Practice kiss to make sure they get it right on Saturday.

Daddy and his mini me.

Good grief, it's hard to decide who's cuter:-)

Uncle John and Almost Aunt Tegan

Seriously, those two are too cute for words!

This is the closest they got to pulling Addison down the aisle in the sled.
She made it down once without crying after her mommy filled it up with toys and books.

See, I really was there!

After the rehearsal we all headed to Gulden's for a delicious dinner.
John made a short speech.

Christian loves any baby he can get his little hands on.

Tegan and John passing out gifts to the wedding party.

How perfect is that?!
So adorable!!

Aunt Joan was in town for the wedding and it was her birthday.
Victoria just can't get enough of her!

Again, how perfect is that?!
A Flower Girl stuffed animal.
They know my kids well!

Christian also got an engraved baseball bat.
Uncle John took his outside the restaurant to let him give it a couple good swings.

Hanging out with Mama and Papa before we headed home.

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  1. The first picture of V, jeans, no shirt and rollers in her hair? Might be one of my favorite pictures of her so far in her life.