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Monday, February 11, 2013

Early Delivery?

Amongst the many other appointments I had today I had my 34 week check up.  I figured it would be routine and quick.  It was relatively quick but anything but routine.  I met with a doctor I had never met.    I mentioned I needed to sign the release for the water birth and (long story short) she informed me doctors don't do water births - only mid wives.  That's a shocker since my typical doc never mentioned this extremely important fact.  Therefore, in order to have a water birth I need to switch over to mid wives instead of doctors.  I said I don't know if I'm comfortable with that and she assured me the mid wives are completely qualified for anything that could happen plus an OB-GYN is right there at the hospital in case we would need one.

However, all that may not matter anyway, because after that conversation I laid down on the table and she took her tape measure thing out and began to measure and said, "That can't be right.  Can you scoot up a little bit."  I did.  Then she remeasures and says, "You're measuring really big.  Really big."
"Yeah, you're telling me," I said.  "You know you're too big?"  "For sure."  "Do you have gestational diabetes?"  "Not that I know of.  I took the test about a month ago and thought it was negative."  "I'll be right back, we need to go over your labs."

Then the stress began to settle in.  Did I have diabetes and I didn't even know?  Have I been hurting the baby?

She came back in.  We went over every test line by line and everything was good.  Then she said, "You're perfectly healthy, so we need to check on the baby."

What the hell?  I was getting a little dizzy at that point.

In the end I need to have an ultrasound next week - Week 35 to have a 'final' measurement of the baby and then go back at Week 36 to discuss the size of the baby and possible induction.

The odds of having a labor without any type of medication after being induced is very slim.  Therefore, making my dream of a water birth nearly impossible.  But worse, if the baby gets too big I may even have to have a c-section which is really terrible, in my mind.  My vision of spontaneous labor and a peaceful birth are slipping out of my reach.  It's very disappointing.  Of course, logically I know, there's a million worse things I could have been told today.

However, I love to give birth.  This is very likely the last time I'll ever get to do it and I wanted it just so.  In the end a healthy baby is all we need.  But it's going to add some serious anxiety as we wait out these couple weeks.  I will be very busy at school getting things in order for my long term sub to come in.

Baby's arrival may be sooner than we expected.

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