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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoping to Feel Better

Yesterday I felt horribly sick.  I even considered sending Mark and the kids to V's basketball, but I couldn't bear to miss it.  As soon as we were home I was laying down again for hours.  By early evening I was feeling better and we called the babysitter.  In the 90 minutes it took her to arrive I was so sick again it was another 30 minutes before I could even get in the car.  We ended up going to Target to try to get the last few baby items we needed.  Walking around there made me feel a lot better. We decided to try going out to dinner.  I didn't intend to eat too much.  We went to Phil's Tara Hideaway.  I took one bite of the roll and half of the small salad and was back into the bathroom.  Nothing worse than sitting in a public restroom at a restaurant feeling so sick.  We ended up taking our $80 meal to go.  I could barely even talk to the babysitter I was so sick.  Luckily feeling much better today, just very very tired.  I'm still in bed and Mark took the kids skating and sledding.

I have a special date to meet my friend Shauna for massages today.  Hoping that gets me back on track for a very long and stressful work week.

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