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Sunday, February 24, 2013

John and Tegan's Wedding

Two weeks ago my brother in law married his high school sweetheart.
(Never mind they broke up for a few years in there)
It was a beautiful day of celebration!!
This is my favorite picture from the reception.
They were looking right into each other's eyes.
They didn't seem to notice the 250 people standing around them.

My new sister in law 
and my cousin - 
who might as well be my sister in law.
(Also Baby #3 - hard to tell I'm even pregnant - right?? ;-)

The guys singing You've Lost That Loving Feeling to Tegan.
I love how Mark is so into it right in front.

Victoria just about done getting her hair done. 

The is my favorite group shot.
Love all of us together at the end of the night.
Can you tell who is the most sober of the group?
Like my flip flops? 
 I tried on 5 different pairs of shoes and couldn't get my feet into a single pair!

At the hotel before the wedding.

Before the wedding at Rice Park.
Oh my gosh, they were so darn cute!!!!
They were like a prince and princess.

Looking out the window from the St. Paul Hotel 
down to the street.
They looked adorable from every angle.

Holding his sister's flowers.
I love that he's not smiling.
He just looks adorable!

Tegan getting ready in her Bridal Suite.
So glad we got to be a part of it.
That was my favorite part of the whole day.
Watching her so calm and care-free
and sure of her decision to marry John.
It was hard for me to hold back the tears watching her memories be made.

Victoria was admiring Tegan's dress.

Christian eating Papa's dinner.
The children's meals were not the best.
Even Christian wouldn't eat it.
It didn't seem like Papa minded though:-)

Heading out of the hotel to take pictures.
Doesn't she look so excited??
I love that Christian is in the mix with all those pretty girls.
Pretty sure he didn't mind one bit either.

There's Christian calm and relaxed;-)

LOVE that picture!!

One of my top five of all 500!

A five year old in a tux.
Can he get any cuter?

Another fabulous one - 
if I do say so myself;-)

After they took a few pictures with the photographer I brought them back in the hotel since it was about 12 degrees out.
We walked around the hotel and found some cute spots to take some cute shots.

Waiting for the elevator.
They were so calm and relaxed.
Wish I could have said the same for myself!

What kid doesn't love a revolving door?
Apparently, that kid really loves them!

Finally at the church.
Parking was a you know what.
I ended up having to go in, drop them off with Mark's cousin, go back out and look for a parking spot for another 20 minutes until I finally parked illegally because I was so darn desperate to get in there!

LOVE this picture!
Doesn't she look like an angel?

Another angel?
Is that what you'd call that look on his face? ;-)

Christian and Uncle Guy
both looking handsome!

Christian and Papa.
Both looking dapper.

Daddy with his two kids.
I was so proud to have them all.

Papa and Victoria.

Mark walking down the aisle with Tegan's pregnant sister in law.

Victoria and Christian walking down the aisle hand in hand.
Tears were flowing down my face so fast I totally couldn't see them so I just kept clicking away!

I was taking pictures of Tegan walking down the aisle and looked over my shoulder at John to see him smiling at her like this.
I turned away from the bride to capture that look on his face for her.
That's a look every girl dreams of seeing.

Victoria stood on the pew.
She didn't want to miss any part of the ceremony.

Her dress was beautiful.
Watching them together, holding hands, looking into each other's eyes,
I never wanted to moment to end for them.

The Vows

It's official!
Add another Humphrey to the clan!
No turnin' back now Tegan!

After the ceremony we were waiting for pictures.
Victoria picked up a hymnal and started reading.
She was so gorgeous.

Walking back up the aisle following the Bride and Groom.

Hugging her brand new Aunt Tegan after the ceremony!

Is it time to dance yet?

We have a picture like that from our wedding.
I need to dig it out.

I love this family picture.
It will probably be the last just the four of us.

Aunt Tegan and her Flower Girl.
They looked so cute together!
It makes me wish for a daughter for her....
some day....

Johnny and his Ring Bearer.
Finally, Christian's relaxed a bit.

Victoria and her cousin Emilee.

Outside the church doors.
St. Cate's church is gorgeous!

Christian and Mama Jeanne

Victoria and Christian with Aunt Joan

Overall the day was a complete success.
John and Tegan are happily married and have returned from their Hawaiian Honeymoon.
We will all have memories of their gorgeous day forever.

We are so blessed to have been such a special part in it.

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