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Thursday, February 28, 2013

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...

Dare I say I'm on the upswing of whatever has gotten the better of me this last week???
Knock on wood.
I will be eating the BARE MINIMUM today - as I have conferences tonight.  Yesterday I had to leave a guided reading group to run to the bathroom.  6-7 year olds are understanding - but parents - not so much.  I slept from 8:30-5:30.  I should be feeling good!

In the last month and especially the last couple weeks people have been saying strange things to me.  Of course I get a dozen, "How are you feeling?" a day.  I get half a dozen, "No baby yet?" a day.  But the other day I said, "Hi.  I'm glad to see you!  How are you?" to one of my subs.  She responded after looking me up and down, "A lot better than you are!"  I was speechless.  What the hell does that mean? I wasn't even sick then.  I was actually in the middle of teaching math.

The same day I went for an ultrasound and I stepped out of the elevator and this really ghetto lady started saying how huge I was and she hoped she didn't get as big as me.  I smiled and raised my eye brows and said, "Well you just might."  Then she turns to her partner and said, "Let's she if she can even sit down."  HELLO!  I'm standing right here you rude ass!  I sat and picked up a magazine and wondered if she was able to read.  Idiot!

A couple days later I was greeting students in the hall cheerfully telling them I was glad they were there and a mom walks up to me and says, "Oh my!  You look so uncomfortable!"  Really?  Walking around smiling greeting students and I look uncomfortable??  I wasn't leaning against a wall or had my hands on my back or anything.  Just standing up for crying out loud.

My advice to all out there:  If you don't have anything nice don't say anything at all.  Especially if the lady you're addressing is pregnant.

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