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Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day in the Life

Here's a snap shot of A Day in the Life of Christian While Mommy is on Maternity Leave.
Sometimes he gets to pack his lunch box and join his first grade sister for lunch.  He always saves some so he can finish it in the teacher's lounge with Mommy's friends.

Sometimes we go to Mall of America and go a some rides.
He grew a couple inches lately and can go on some new rides, including Splat-O-Sphere.

This was his 'better' smile.
Clearly he's having a rough time forcing a smile lately.

Often, we go out to lunch.
He loves Cadillac Ranch because they give mints at the end of the meal.

Tummy time with Brecken is always a highlight of the day.
He's been getting really good lately and we both cheer and high five while the poor baby is struggling to lift its head.

Holding his little brother is a highlight. 
He never even seems to notice when the baby starts freaking out because it's slipping away.

Sometimes we takes his BFF Rosie with us from preschool and take her to lunch or the zoo or DQ.

We pretty much get dessert where ever we go:-)
Gotta keep those 5 year olds happy.

It was cold one day and we were cleaning out and organizing our huge art closet and came across face paints.  I let him into them while I was nursing the baby.  
I regretted it when our bathtub turned red and everyone kept asking me what was wrong with him for two days because we couldn't get the red completely off.

Once I got him a bag of popcorn at the beginning of a trip to Target.
We were both happy.

He's been in charge of the family dinner lately.
He especially loves cooking with 'fire' aka - the stove.

However, he doesn't mind making brownies either.

We've been busy and enjoying spending time together.
Even though we have adventures and so much fun around 2:00 he always asks when is it time to pick up Victoria and I let him know we'll get her soon.

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