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Sunday, April 28, 2013


The day before Easter our local grocery store had an egg hunt very early in the morning.  Brecken was just shy of two weeks and we waking up several times a night.  I got out of bed just minutes before the start of the egg hunt and we all headed over on the rainy and cold morning.  Of course, first thing I heard when we walked in was, "There's Mrs. Humphrey!"  Ahhh, yes, there's always a student when you least want to see one.  

The kids lined up with their age level in different aisles and they were off.  Victoria happened to find one of the special eggs and got a special Easter basket.  They got tons of candy and were thrilled little hunters.

Unfortunately, I don't have a family picture of the five of us on Easter.
We tried with the automatic timer and it wasn't turning out right and I was so grumpy from lack of sleep I gave up.  I wish I hadn't.

I was so tired in fact, I sat with my eyes closed while the kids hunted for eggs and their basket on the couch instead of chasing them around with my camera.  :(

My parents went to Florida for two weeks beginning on March 16th.  Brecken was born in the early morning of the 17th, so they didn't meet him until Easter, two week later!

He sure was cute on Easter!
Sporting the adorable Easter outfit sent to him by his cousins in Colorado.

Love those little lips!

Mama Deb holding him for the first time.

Papa holding him for the first time.

Papa's only two grandsons.

Feeding Brecken for the first time.

For a little extra entertainment we dyed Easter eggs for the 4th time.

Sleepy little Easter Bunny.

It was a very low key Easter.
Looking forward to next Easter when all three kids are running around looking for eggs....
and I won't be so tired!

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  1. Your definition of "low key" and mine are VERY different.