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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Just Stay Little a Little Longer

I kinda wanna keep Brecky little.

Could you hear me whining there?  I hope I sounded like a three year old wanting a sucker, because that's so how I feel.  Please, please, please, baby, stay, little, for, ev, er.  

Even though he's my third baby I am convinced, that the older they get, the better they get.  I believe it. But each and every stage is magical.  But that baby stage it the most magicalist.  For the record, spellcheck is not recognizing that word, but I think it would make a great addition.

Of course, pretty much every moment I'm thinking, "Appreciate this!"  "Oh my gosh, this won't last long!"  

Yesterday Christian said, "Look at him!  He's crawling all over!  We need a new baby!  Soon this one will be walking!"  Mark asked him, "How many babies do you think we need?"  He held up ten fingers.

**Written way back in August

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