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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Misha's Visit

When I was the new girl in school in 5th grade I met all new friends.  Only two have remained a constant in my life.  One being Liv, one of my life long best friends who we have contact just about every day.   And Misha, a life long friend who moved hundreds of miles away to Alaska when we were in 6th grade.

What are the odds that being such little kids we continued to stay in touch even when we wouldn't see each other for years.  But when we did see each other, it was as if we saw each other all the time.  We'd pick up right where we left off.  (These relationships taught me it's worth it to keep in touch with people. So glad I do!)

What are the odds?

In high school she would still visit MN to see her grandma and aunt so we'd still see each other fairly often.

As we got older her grandma passed on and Misha actually moved to San Diego.  Mark and I visited her in 2004 when we went there for Ted and Hollis' wedding.

She flew, by herself, and attended our wedding.  Even though she knew hardly anybody, including the groom.  I regret so much I didn't make more time for her.  In hindsight, I should have had her in the wedding.

She visited me after the birth of both Victoria and Christian.

We've seen each other a couple times since Christian has been born but they have been very short times.

This summer she had the opportunity to travel to Minneapolis for business.  She texted me the dates and we were good.  Then the opportunity fell through.  Then it opened back up.  And it happened.

I was soooo excited!!!!  I couldn't believe the luck!

But then I got nervous.  We've changed so much over the years.  She's single, in the business world, travels often and is living it up in San Diego.  I am married, mom of three, teaching in Minnesota.

Would we still have things in common, I wondered.

I packed up my carry on suitcase and headed to Minneapolis.  Only to realize I forgot my pump.  Just what every single girl wants.  A friend who drags her pump along!  I went back home and retrieved the pump and then actually headed out to the Marriott.

I parked in the ramp.  I texted her when I was in the lobby.

I sat there waiting for her.  I was pretty nervous.  We hadn't seen each other in quite a while.

We hugged and were so happy to see each other.  By the time we walked to her room I was feeling completely comfortable.  Don't we look so happy to be together?

We just started walking down the street and decided on Britt's Pub.
We ended up getting a great table, it was a gorgeous night.
We ended up staying there until we were reading to go back to the hotel.

There did not have "my" beer so I ventured out of my comfort zone.

Mish and I talked and talked and caught up on life.

Back in the hotel after a night of reminiscing.
I am so very glad she made the effort to come to MN.
I am so very glad we have both made the effort of the last couple decades to keep our friendship up.

I'm already wondering when we'll get together next.

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