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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Moms Gone (Not So) Wild

Each summer Shauna and I manage to get together for an overnight.
We refer to it as, Moms Gone Wild.
Although, two moms have some drinks and talking all night is actually, 
far from wild, but we have such a great time!

This year I planned Mark's surprise limo trip with his brothers the night before.
So I wasn't feeling great the morning I was getting packed to go with Shauna.
Luckily by the time we got to the Minneapolis Hilton I was in much better shape.
We walked down a couple blocks and had dinner at The Newspaper or something like that.
I had a couple pineapple drinks that were amazing.

We had a few drinks at a few other places and walked around the city a bit.
A group of drunks guys at a bachelor party walked by.... It was Molly's brother! What are the odds?

We headed back to the hotel because I had to pump, really bad.

I brought along the rest of the jello shots Tegan put in our cooler the night before.

The next day in the lobby.
G was feeling pretty relaxed:-)

I love getting together with Shauna.
We've been friends since we were in our very first year of teaching together.
We got engaged just a couple months apart.
We got married just four months apart.
We had our first children less than one month apart. 

I can say anything to her.
We can talk about our kids.
Our husbands.
Our families.
Our parents.
Our friends.

We just really get each other.

The next morning we couldn't get it to any restaurant for breakfast so we ate at Jimmy John's.
Then we had massages at The Ivy.
It was the perfect way to end Moms Gone Wild.

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  1. I love our Moms Gone Wild weekends, and I love you! Its such a gift to have such a wonderful friend! And, yes, I think a "Moms Gone Wild in the Winter" weekend is a beautiful idea. . . ! ;)