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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Every Last Drop of Milk

I can guarantee you, I have spent more time pumping than anyone you know. 
Guarantee it.
Mark and I figured I have pumped nearly 1,800 hours in my life.

It was a huge sacrifice.
Pumping in the night while my infant slept.
Pumping after nursing.
Pumping at school during my lunch break.
Pumping in between running errands.
Pumping in the car on road trips. (What a mess!)

I have worn out a pump motor, borrow a pump for school and got a new one for Brecken.

That is a lot of pumping.
I had over 1,000 ounces frozen and stored when I went back to work after I had Victoria.
An ENTIRE deep freezer filled to the top of just frozen breast milk.

All good things must come to an end.
Here it is.
The very last bag of frozen milk ever.
Brecken enjoyed every last bit of it.

Even though I have HATED my pump many times.
Even though I have dreaded pumping many times.
Even though I have cried about pumping at school too many times. . .

It was bittersweet seeing that last bottle of milk consumed.
I am proud of myself for sticking with it for the health of my children, even though it was so difficult.

That is the end of my breastfeeding/pumping/freezing milk saga.

However, I am always available to talk about breastfeeding/pumping/freezing milk tips or tricks.
It is one of my favorite topics.

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  1. See, when you sent that picture, it was pretty strange. But it's much better with the story.