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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

G.N.O. @ MOA

Right after Christian was born, I started taking Victoria on Girls Night Outs.

When she was really little GNO would count as visiting Jeanne's tortoises up at school.
We've done small things like running errands with a fun spin to them.
One night we went to Underwater World for an hour right before they closed and we were pretty much the only ones there.  That was a really good night.

In the second and third trimester with Brecken GNOs were pretty much the last thing on my mind.
It was even worse after I had the baby.
We have had a couple GNOs in the last year.

Finally, last week we had a really really good GNO.  

Victoria received an amazing report card.
Victoria is a fantastic big sister.
She is just a really good little girl.

I wanted to create a special night for her.
We started it off at Build A Bear at Mall of America.
She chose Puggie.
On the way home she whispered to him, "You are the one I am going to take with me to college."
Love at first sight!

We went straight across the hall to Barnes and Noble.
She and I could have wandered around all night long.
We bought a Mommy/Daughter journal to share.
We have both written in it.
I think every Mommy and Daughter should have one.

After that excitement we went on an adult roller coaster neither of us had ever been on.
She had her arms up and everything.
It was a blast.
Finally reaching 47 inches sure has its perks!

We watched the tryouts for the Vikings cheerleaders.
We walked around the mall for a bit.
I pulled out my phone and said, "Well, it's almost 7:30."  I was going to say we should stop somewhere for dessert.  But she quickly said, "Whoa it's getting late.  We better get home!" 
It was a school night but still!!  She's so responsible.  I love that about her!

We headed out to the car.  
When I was tucking her in and saying prayersm her extra was for GNOs.
Made my heart tingle! 

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  1. That picture of her? She looks SO young there. I'm sad that I missed it, but I'm glad that you two got to have that special night, just the two of you.

    I'll sneak in on the next one!