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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Blizzard Blast

Last Friday night was my school's annual Blizzard Blast.  Basically an elementary prom.  There were snacks and a dj and most importantly 20 baskets to be raffled off.  Each class has a theme and items are donated to fill the baskets.  My class' basket was scrapbooking. 

I have only missed one Blizzard Blast and that was in 2008.  It was two weeks after Christian was born.  Forgive me:)
In 2009 Victoria won the Doggie Basket.  She was so proud and so happy and so shocked.  Our dog doesn't like toys and will only eat one brand of treats.  Needless to say we didn't need this basket filled with just those items.  However, Victoria did have fun deciding which dogs in her life would get which items. 

2010 nada.

2011 was AWESOME!  Christian was popping tickets in any and all baskets up on his little tippy toes.  Victoria wasn't very interested in the baskets this year.  She wanted to dance. It was so cute.  They had hula hoops to get the kids on the dance floor.

V with her friend Tyler. Notice the hula hooping rock star she is?!
Takes after her mama:)

He tried to hula hoop but mostly enjoyed jumping through them and throwing them.

They did the Limbo (my children were the ones who continually cut in line and just walked under the stick), they danced their little booties off to Black Eyed Peas. 

But there was one basket and just one that held any interest for my girl.  The Girls' Slumber Party Basket.  Amongst a bunch of other goodies it has a WHITE (since Lala she only likes white stuffies now) stuffed cat that was holding a pink blanket.  (Blankets are her current obsession.  She has 18 and counting.)  She jumped up and down in front of it.  Putting ALL her tickets in that basket.  We had to pry her away because she just wanted to stare at it.  We left before the names were drawn since Christian was literally falling asleep.  She was sad but I made up a story about not knowing who won until Monday and if she did win I would drive the basket over to daycare right away for her.  I spent the four mile drive telling her you've already won a basket in your life and other kids need to win too.  Just before I turned right into our driveway my phone rings and my friend Laura is screaming, "You won! You won the Slumber Party basket!"  We flipped around and headed back to school.  She was soooooo excited!!  What are the odds?? 

Everyone was leaving when we were coming back in.  Saying, "You won! You won!"  She was beaming!!  PTO took her picture with her huge basket.  I stood to the side holding Christian who right then and there wet his pants in my arms.  I sent him off with Mark and I was left struggling to get all this stuff out to the car.  Luckily a parent of a past student helped us.

V couldn't wait to get her hands on that cat.  When she had it she said, "Here Christian, you can have the rest."  Which is how he came to be a new mommy.  A talking doll came with it and it says a ton of sayings that all have mommy in them.  He's convinced he's the mommy not the daddy.  He loves his baby and takes good care of her.  Victoria wrote out her thank you to PTO this morning.

It was a super fun and exhausting night!

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