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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Our Sixth Anniversary

My husband and I spent a wonderful anniversary weekend together.  On Friday night we went to my favorite restaurant, The Flame.  I had my usual that was even better than usual.  After a long week, a leisurely dinner and a couple drinks we headed home.  Our neighbor Lloyd dropped by to help us celebrate. 

We slept in and rested on Saturday. 

It's such an odd feeling to not rush out of school to take care of my children.  To wake up and not have two pairs of blue eyes waiting for yours to open.  I had a million things to do around the house.  But I didn't.  We finally made it to Perkins for breakfast at 11:30am.  At least it was still the am. 

An awkward little dude was there twisting balloons for tips.  I immediately thought, "Oh the kids would love this!"  Mark and I don't have the weird rule of not talking about our kids when we're not with them.  We do it, often. And it makes both of us happy.  So the awkward little dude comes to our table.  Really?!  Two adults with no kids??  Really??  The made my husband an awkward dude.  It was so weird.  So he starts twisting me a heart balloon with a dog attached.  Then had me cover my ears to whisper a line to Mark to say to me.  Weird!  Awkward!  "I can't 'bear' to give my heart to anyone else."

Finally he left and we enjoyed a lovely breakfast.

We packed and headed out for our romantic getaway.  We had a wonderful drive up to Hinckley.

We had a wonderful suite with a jacuzzi.  We had reservations at 5pm for a couple's massage in their wonderful spa.  Loved it!  The only thing that would have made it better was to have more time to hang out.
We didn't because we were starving.  We got ready and popped a bottle of champagne.

Then we headed down for dinner.  Only a three and a half hour wait!
So we put our name in and grabbed a sandwich and gambled.
We both lost but had fun.
Finally it was time for dinner.
I was beginning to get grumpy due to the lack of food and loss of money.
Then we got the best seat in the house. And adorable wrap around booth over looking the rest of the restaurant. The food was AMAZING! The best au gratins of my life!! 
We headed back to our suite and watched The Town in the jacuzzi and finally ordered a huge (undercooked) pizza from room service in the middle of the night.

In the morning Mark convinced me to stand next to hime while playing slots.
Smoking is allowed in the casino and I can't stand it. I'd just taken a shower and refused to gamble any more but I did agree to stand next to him.  He won $200 in under an hour and then we were outta there.

It was a restful wonderful week-end.
Happy Anniversary to us!

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