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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Week-End Drama

Last weekend I was in the bedroom and the kids were doing projects.  Here's the bit of a conversation I overheard:
V: Don't do that Christian. (Very sternly but sometimes she truly believes she's the mommy of him)
C: no response
V: You better not do that Christian!
C: no response
V: That will really cut your hair Christian!  Oh my gosh I can't believe it!!

By the time I ran down the hall Christian had cut two perfectly straight chunks out of the top of his hair.

He basically has a buzz cut now.

Sunday the kids were watching Mark shovel snow off the roof and I was preparing lunch.  Victoria came in to tell me how much fun she was having and how nice and warm (40 degrees) it was.

Before the door shut she screamed a very terrible scream.  I was at the door in a second.  She was lying face down on the driveway at the bottom of the three cement steps still screaming.  I scooped her up and pushed back her hair to see the fastest growing goose egg I have ever seen.  I thought a trip to the ER was in our future.  Luckily, an ice pack for 20 minutes did the trick.  Her pupils were fine and no vomitting.  A little Tylenol, a pb&j sandwich and she was pretty much back to normal - until she remembered it was there. 

It's always an adventure in our household.

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