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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

She's a Big Girl Now!

Last week Christian had a check up.  He went from the 25 to the 44%tile in height and weight in the five months since having his adenoids out.  Yipee!!  We have an almost average child!!!!!!

While at the appointment I asked about booster seats.  The rule is four years and forty pounds.  Victoria may not weigh 40 pounds until she's eighteen at this rate.  She's only 32 pounds. . .still.  However, Dr. Stang told me about a booster that is good at 30 lbs.  Yahoo!  A booster means easier to put in and out of the car if need be.  Also, she can get herself in AND out of the seat all by herself.  I didn't know how hard it would be to find this particular booster so I looked at WalMart, while I already happen to be there.  I explained, to her, we needed a certain kind and it wasn't likely that we'd find it on the first try. 

However, WE DID!  I was so happy.  I handed it to her and she squealed in delight and (literally) hugged it with her little faced pressed on it and said, "I've wanted this my WHOLE life!" 

Could it get any more dramatic?  It was laugh out loud funny. 

I couldn't resist of picture of this monumental moment.

Look, she can't even take her eyes off of this pink piece of paradise!!

It's bliss growing up!

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