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Monday, February 14, 2011

To the Man I Love

Most of my blog insists of stories about my children.  However, if it wasnt' for this man

I wouldn't have them.

This Valentine's blog is dedicated to the man I love.

Too often I tell you what you didn't do/what you forgot/ what you need to do/what you should do/ what I want you to do. 

Here's a list of things you do and are that make me love you:

* You are passionate - about everything you believe in.
* You are the best daddy - when I'm doing dishes and I hear the kids giggling under an awesome fort you constructed my heart melts. Or when I'm folding clothes and you get a story started and I walk in and they are both perched on your back I can't wait to climb on in too!
* You are a hard worker.  You've created a business all with your own ideas and own two hands that supports us.
* You're so thoughtful. My new GPS;)
* You're sooooo supportive. A few examples:
Kelly: Hey Mark I think I'm going to sell Creative Memories.
Mark: Ok. 
K: I'm thinking about going to graduate school and sucking up all of my family time. 
M: Sounds great! 
K: I think having a petting zoo in our backyard for Victoria's thrid birthday would be cool.
M: Would it ever! Go for it!
K: Mark, I'm going to sell BeautiControl.
M: Good luck!  I think you'll be really good at it.
K: Honey, I need a day of shopping with Liv. 
M: Ok, I'll cook you both dinner when you return.
K: I want to go to Chicago to see New Kids on the Block.
M: When? Never mind, have fun!
K: I want a mini-van.
M: Me too!

* When you clean. . .you do a great job.
* You make the BEST shrimp ever.  I've never had shrimp that good in any restaurant of my life.
* You can put toys together and add batteries like a machine!
* You can fix anything. Such as my school pencil sharpener that's seen a few crayons in its day!
* You are so damn cute you can convince me of anything.  (If you don't believe me please pick at the "Family Yacht" in the garage.
* You love Mexico as much as I do. :-)
* You listen (and actually care) about my school stories more than anyone in the world.
* You rub my feet so good!

You work hard when you're at work and when you're not.  You literally give me anything I want (note earrings from Christmas:).  I cherish your love and should tell you more often.
Or at least let some other things slide.

Love you!!

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  1. I will add to this list, as the recipient of those "after shopping" meals (and there have been more than ONE!) Mark is an excellent cook! I don't eat shrimp, so I can't vouch for that, but his steak, his ribs, and his asparagus are all top notch.

    Plus, he always asks to see what we bought and that is so cute! And whether he does or not, he always acts like he cares.

    BUT, my very favorite thing about Mark? He's *almost* as good at trivia as I am!