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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Poopy on the Potty!! - Life's Small Miracle

The day after Christian turned three, January 29, 2011, I took away his diapers.  He only got to wear a diaper for nap and at nighttime.  This didn't go as easy as I expected.  Day one he had several accidents.  Day two he cried about wanting to wear his diaper.  Begging and prmoising not to 'use' it.  I wasn't budging.

He'd go every time I'd put him on the toilet, but constantly putting him on there is quite exhausting throughout a day.  Which explains the 2-4 accidents a day he had at daycare that first week.  I received a bag full of wet underwear, pants and socks everyday when I arrived.   Just what I wanted when I got done with work.

I knew this would pass. 

Every week there were fewer and fewer accidents.

Days without an accident became so routine that a day with an accident was news.

However, he would still hide and poop in his underwear or wait until nap and go in his diaper. 

Until yesterday.  In true depserate parent fashion I purchased some really cool toys as bribery right when all this began.  Finally, yesterday the boy pooped on the toilet!!  He's tried many many times but he's never actually accomplished it.  When he realized it was really going to happen (while sitting on the toilet with his big sister standing in front of him cheering him on - weird but true) he said, "Mommy, go get my present!"  Before I came back - Mission Accomplished!

He was so proud of himself!!  Victoria was jumping up and down.  He immediately fell in love with his Mickey Mouse train even before the batteries were put in.  He said, "I tell Kris when I go to her house!"

He tried several more times throughout the evening in hopes of unveiling more gifts, I'm sure.

Hopefully, we're on to a whole new phase here!

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