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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quotes from the Kids

All these are from the last few weeks.  And this is just what I can remember off the top of my head!

V: Mom, you know when I was only this big (pointer and thumb less than an inch apart) in your belly.
M: Yes.
V: Did I pop out of your mouth... or something like that?
M: Something like that.
Conversation quickly switched.

C: Why you put broccoli on the windows?
M: What?
C: (pointing to the window clings on the kitchen windows) See right there! Broccoli!
M: Those are shamrocks honey.

I just walked in from getting my hair cut and colored.
C: Mommy, you soooo pretty!
M: Sigh - That's my boy!

Christian had only been awake for about five minutes when he comes to me holding a Bam Bam costume.
C: Mommy, put his on me.
M: You need to take off your jammies, throw away your diaper and go potty, then I will help you put that on.
He took off his jammies, threw away his diaper, went potty and returned.
C: What gonna hold my penis now?!?
M: How about some underwear!?!
C: OH!  with a huge smile

M: What did you learn about in chapel today? (at preschool)
V: The same old thing.
M: What does that mean? 
V: Jesus fed 5,000 men AGAIN!  Just like he did on Sunday. (from Sunday School)
M: Did you say you already knew that lesson? (hoping she is the kind of polite child who just sat there and listened anyway)
V: Oh yeah I told him!  He said since I am so smart I got to eat snack all by myself while the other kids listened to the story.
M: Really?!  How did that make you feel?

Christian has recently gotten some new fireman galloshes.  He was running around the living room with them and a fireman helmet in his jammies.

C: If there's a fire you can call 119 for me. Ok mommy?
M: Sounds like a plan buddy.

While bathing together last night:
M: It's a double wash night because tomorrow is Victoria's picture day.
Wash those wrists. Wash those ankles.  Scrub those toes.  etc.
C: I wash my penis.  (standing up - all smiles)
He's slapping soap all around it.
M:  Ok buddy it's clean.
V: No it's not!  He forgot to wash his acorn!

V: Do you know what will be the best part about going to kindergarten?
M: There's so many good things.  What will be the best?
V: Being with you all day.

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