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Friday, June 24, 2011

I'll Take a Ticket

We have a new little system around here.  If you do something extraordinary you earn a ticket.  Each child has something they want at Walmart.  Victoria wants a $13 Fur Real chipmunk and Christian wants a Big Machine movie.  V needs to earn 13 tickets and C needs to earn 7 tickets.  Let's hope they reach their goals on the same day.

They've both been amazing the last 24 hours and oh so helpful.

This morning Christian told me he was going to clean his room.  Go for it buddy!

He did while I was happily sipping a Diet Mt. Dew and blogging then he told me his room is,
 "Nice and shiny! Come see!!"

As soon as I turned the corner I knew exactly what he did.

He moved everything from his room, that he was able, into the hall.

Then he asked with a smile, "I get ticket, Mom?!"

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