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Friday, June 24, 2011

My Mail Girl

The other day Victoria took a four hour nap.  She hasn't napped for the past couple days.  Yesterday while Christian was napping Victoria came tiptoeing down the hall and said she can't sleep.  We cuddled and read on the couch and then I heard the mailman pull up to our box.

I said, "Do you want to go and get  the mail?"  "Yes," she replied and hopped off the couch.  I followed it with, "By yourself?!"  "What?!  I'm big enough to go and get the mail all by myself??"  "Sure, I trust you to look both ways."

I've never seen her get her size nines on so fast in my life.

I was at the top step at the front door videotaping her.  She walked down the driveway, looked both ways - twice - then crossed the street.  Then couldn't exactly reach the mailbox and kind of hung on it trying to reach everything.  While all this was happening two teenage boys were walking down our street.  She must have looked really small to be going to get the mail because they both looked up at the house only to see me standing there with the videocamera.  The both stopped to not interfere with my taping.

I jogged across the yard to help her and smiled at them and happily informed them this was her first time getting mail ever!

I didn't figure they cared and I didn't care that they didn't care. 

Then they continued on their way and Victoria and I were on our way back to the house and the kid said, "Good mom!" with a smile to me.  That just made the whole thing a touch sweeter than it already was.

I began videotaping her running up the driveway jumping up and down saying how she's soooo big now. 

It was adorable.  I'm pretty sure I won't be getting the mail again any day soon.

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