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Friday, June 24, 2011

When Mommy's Out of Town

When Mommy's out of town Daddy serves food with extra cheese and probably takes an extra trip or two to fast food.  This time Daddy also took the kids to Taylor's Falls and then for lunch at the little restaurant - think A&W - he let them each have their own rootbeer as a reward for good behavior.  I don't let the kids have any pop, ever.  So when they do have it I hear all about it.  Mark informed me of all of this on the phone when I was gone.  No biggie.  Something special they share with daddy.

At Mr. Popper the other day Christian was trying to grab my straw yelling, "I'm big enough for pop now!  Daddy let's me!!!!"  Then Victoria admitted yesterday that when I was sitting on the steps with Christian she snuck some of my pop.  I looked at her and she knew it was wrong, I could tell by her sad little expression and then she said, "But Daddy let us when you were gone!" 

I wonder what else will come out about when Mommy was gone. . .

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