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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teacher Spotting

I live very close to my school.  Only four miles away.  This is a blessing.  A very very short commute there and back.  When it's not a blessing, sometimes, is when a student spots me.  I used to (8-9 yrs ago) really really enjoy seeing students.  I will admit, the excitement has worn off.  It's especially awkward when I'm with my whole family and I don't really want to stand there introducing everybody and want to keep it short and sweet.  It happens frequently though.  It's already happened twice this summer.  It is what it is.  Sometimes, I get really excited too, I must admit.  Like last month I saw a little girl I had a couple years ago and I went the extra mile (and then some) for that family.  She changed schools in third grade and I haven't seen her since.  I ditched V on the escalator (don't worry Mark was a couple steps behind us) and ran down to her and her mom and actually embraced her and the mom started tearing up!

However, usually, I'd rather just avoid the whole scene if possible.

Then, today, the shoe was suddenly on the other foot.

Victoria and I were checking out at JoAnn's and I spotted one of V's teachers.  I held her up and said, "Isn't that one of your teachers?"  "Hey!  That's Ms. Barb!!"  she replied and ran straight over to her.  She plowed through her husband, two sons and jumped up and down in front of her yelling, "Hi Ms. Barb!  It's me!  Victoria!"  The cashier looked over and started laughing.  It was cute.  But I couldn't get to her until I was done checking out and this sweet old lady was taking her sweet sweet time commenting on each and every item I was trying to purchase.  So there's poor Ms. Barb trying to make conversation with her star struck five yr old former student.  It was pretty awkward by the time I got over there with Victoria just looking up smiling at her.

Two hours later she's still hopping up and down talking about the Teacher Spotting.  I will keep this in mind next I see one of my students.

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