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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Card for Her Brother

Christian celebrated his 4th birthday last Saturday.  Since we do fairly elaborate birthday parties we try to go low key on a gift.  We actually did no gift until last year when they were old enough to figure out they were 'supposed' to get a gift.

This year we just had Victoria pick him out a gift (adorable Volunteer Firefighter yellow rain jacket, little truck & a couple little goodies Mommy threw in).  I thought that was plenty.  I was already running to get a cake with a child (Victoria) that could throw up at any time.  Not a good feeling in Sam's Club.

She's complaining her belly hurts while sharing the cart with an entire sheet cake.  Then on the way home blatantly says, "Weeelll, aren't we going to get him a card?!"

Really?  Ok, swung over to Party City and stood her in front of the birthday section.  I couldn't have card less if she grabbed a card with a dog on it for a grandpa.  I just wanted to get this girl home.  But she stood there.  And stood there.  I was a little worried she'd gone into a coma.

Then suddenly her little hand stretched out and said, "Here it is!"  like she's been looking for it the whole time.  The exact same card I would have chosen for her to give him.

We paid the $1.09 and headed home.  I figured she'd go straight to bed.  Instead she grabbed a red pen and said, "I'm going to decorate his card now.  Don't disturb me."

This is what she did:

Considering she's a kindergartner and she's was totally alone, 
I'd say that's a job well done.

She had put it in the envelope and I didn't think the check it out prior.

It was a very pleasant surprise on the morning on January 28, 2012!

We're so lucky that we have kids who love each other so much and get along so beautifully!

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