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Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Baby is Four

Dear Christian, my son, my baby, my little boy, buddy,

How can you be four already?  I know that's what all parents say, but really how?  It seems like a couple months ago I was sitting in my bed crying over daddy's laptop about you growing up in this post.

In the past year your attention span has gotten quite a bit longer.  Now that your big sister is in kindergarten you insist on doing 'homework.'  You don't allow me to help you, at all, therefore making it very difficult to actually teach you.  However, you love to paint and 'write' and 'read' draw.  I love to watch your little face when you're concentrating.

In the past year you've really gotten a great sense of humor.  Yes, you laugh when you say P P assuring me you'e talking about the letter and not pee pee so I can't say it's inappropriate.  Which makes you even funnier!  You like to joke around and climb into the tub totally taken when it's empty and try to scare me each night.  Little do you know I walk down extra slow so you have time to do it.  On my way down I think of funny things to say while I'm pretending to look for you and try to make you giggle before I throw back to curtain.

In the past year you began preschool.  Daddy and I were a little nervous about you beginning.  I don't know if it was because you are our baby or because you're so different from you sister.
Like it or not (you already don't and I'm working hard on it) you're compared to your sister.  It's a typical little sibling thing.  You're different and I completely totally love that.  It's just hard when it's the same situation and now we don't know what to expect.  Should have know Ms. Joy would love you.  Visiting you at school is one of my favorite things.  Seeing you in your very own element and hearing the teachers talk about how much they enjoy you makes me so proud to be your mommy.  When I walk in and your little face lights up and you can barely keep yourself in your spot (but you do) because you want to get to me, even though we were just together less than two hours ago makes me feel so special.  The whole time I'm there I can't help but think I'm so lucky to be your mommy.

In the past year you've loved me to the moon and back.  I remember when you were turning three and I never thought you'd love me more than you did then.  Well, I've come to realize it's the bond we have.  It's solid.  It's unconditional. It's forever.  It's beautiful.  I don't worry about losing it any more.  You love to pinch my necky.  You love to listen to me read.  You love when I tickle you.  You love to shop with me. You love to clean with me.  You really really love to clean with me.  You never stop without crying for 'more spray!!"  You love to tell me about your day and I love to listen.  You love to play air hockey with me.  You know it's good when I tell daddy to get the camera and just capture it.  Your smile.  Your little arms raised above your head when you score.  You're getting pretty good.  I'm having to let you win less and less.  You love to be with me.

In the past year you've gained balance.  You appreciate being with Daddy a lot more.  He dressed you up in a little Ralph Lauren shirt and jeans and took you to the Home Show at the Metrodome last weekend and you came back with so many stories.  You love your daddy.  You love to 'tape measure' with him.  You love to talk about how strong you daddy is.  You truly believe daddy and capture a bear.  You talked about it the whole time we were in Colorado last summer.  You talk about daddy being the boss at work.  You love love love to work with your daddy.  Most of the time you just stand there and watch and that's good enough for you but when he says, "Hey buddy..." and 'needs' your help you're right there.

In the past year you've gotten significantly stronger than your sister.  She doesn't like it.  However, since she constantly answers questions that I ask you, I think you're even.  I've never seen you two so close.  You sit right next to each other at the edge of the couch laughing hysterically to Tom & Jerry.  You say, "Toria, do you want to play puppy?" and follow all of her crazy rules and do what she says.  As soon as you get in the minivan at the end of the day you tell her the things that happened at daycare.  She asks you questions and you two converse about your day.  It's a mother's dream.  

In the past year I've realized how charismatic you are.  Kris said, "I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but boy do I love that Christian!"  You're so lovable.  Caleigh your babysitter loves you. Mr. Lloyd loves how interested in him you are.  Your uncles love to rough and tumble with you.  Your cousin Ashley loves to hug you.  You are so lovable.  You are so loved!

In the past year you've been such a ham.  And I'm taking every opportunity to capture it.

In a box at Christmas...go figure!

Walking in Mommy's shoes.

Look at that weird little awkward smile.

Chillin' with Papa - 
I think you were ready to make a break for it!

Your favorite hobby - shaving those pesky whiskers!

Playing air hockey with Papa.
He doesn't let you win like I do though.
Ok, maybe he does.

Your favorite activity.
You always want to invite somebody.
You were thrilled when Brian and Aunt Molly came went.

Playing trains with Papa.
You were in heaven!

Eating pie at Thanksgiving.
And then eating Papa's.
You were in heaven!

Driving Daddy's truck at the tree farm.
You thought you were so big and tough.

The fun you have with daddy!

You don't like ice in your water at night.
Mama put water in it, so instead of complaining you just put gloves on so you could handle it.
I'm surprised I didn't wake you with my laughter when I got home!

Your Christmas extravaganza at preschool.
You were so happy to see me!

I'm so blessed I could pop in!

What a big boy!
You're so cute.
You're so photogenic.
You're mine!

Love this look!!
You came up with this look on your own and I'm so glad she captured it.
I feel like it's looking into the future at what's to come.
It makes me a bit nervous.

Big Boy is FOUR!!!!!!

You're into weird photos right now and ask for me to take them
and want to see them.
Apparently you thought it would be cool to see yogurt coming of your mouth.

Or your fingers by your mouth.

You are really into eating broccoli to make you taller to go on more rides.
Reality hit here.
Nope not yet.
Keeping eating broccoli though,
which you are!

But with a chaperone you can still get on the Log Chute
your absolute favorite in the world.
You love it!
Every time before we get off you ask if we can go again.

Your new love.
Ice skating.
Wow, within a few minutes you were a pro.
When you fall you get right back up to practice more.
When I take your helmet off you're covered in sweat.
You love it and ask to go every single day.

I'm so lucky to be your mommy!!

Love you Buddy!

Happy Birthday

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